About Us

Welcome to MECHEE, your fashion destination for celebrating diverse beauty and urban chic styles!


MECHEE is an online retail fashion platform that provides clothing in sizes small through 3x and accessories that amplify its consumers’ presence.


About The Owner

Allow us to introduce you to the visionary behind this empowering platform: Mishala, our founder and owner.


Mishala Lewis Owner and Founder of MECHEE

In her high school years, Mishala immersed herself in the world of local pageants and modeling academies, where conventional standards of beauty prevailed. However, her journey took an unexpected turn in 2014 when she experienced a life-changing car accident. This event challenged her perception of beauty, prompting her to question the narrow perspective that had been imposed upon her.

During her healing process, Mishala embarked on a transformative self-discovery journey. She realized that her scars, once seen as "imperfections" by societal norms, were actually beautiful symbols of her strength and resilience. It was an eye-opening revelation as she came to understand that the beauty she sought was far more profound and diverse than the limited view she had encountered.

Fuelled by this newfound passion, Mishala made it her mission to empower women everywhere to redefine their own definitions of beauty. While pursuing her master's degree in 2021, she brought her vision to life with MECHEE, a fashion platform unlike any other. MECHEE strives to capture the beauty that exists in all forms, embracing individuality and showcasing a wide range of perspectives that challenge conventional norms.

As you explore our boutique's collections, remember that each piece is carefully curated to reflect the beauty that resides within every woman, regardless of the space they occupy.